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Research impact: defining it, measuring it, maximising it, questioning it. Trisha Greenhalgh


Antidepressant use and the risk of cardiovascular outcomes: a cohort study using a primary care database. Carol Coupland


Receptionist rECognition and rEferral of Patients with Stroke (RECEPTS): a prospective cross-sectional observational study. Elizabeth Bates.

The Role of Reception Staff in the Triage of Patients Presenting to General Practice with Acute Stroke: Insights of Receptionists and Primary Care Staff. Elizabeth Bates.

The prognostic utility of tests of platelet function for the detection of "aspirin resistance" in patients with established cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease: A systematic review and economic evaluation. Janine Dretzke.

Gout and risk of subsequent vascular event: a multilevel discrete time event history analysis in the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD). Lorna Clarson.


Women’s Experiences of Psychosis: What do General Practitioners Need to Know? A Qualitative Analysis of the Influence of Gender on Day-to-Day Experiences of Psychosis and Related Healthcare Needs. Anna Lavis.

Distinguishing between emotional distress and psychological disorder in primary care attenders. Adam Geraghty

Characteristics of effective collaborative care for treatment of depression: A SystematicReview and Meta-regression of 74 Randomised Controlled Trials. Peter Coventry.

A pragmatic randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a facilitated exercise intervention as a treatment for postnatal depression: the PAM-PeRS trial. Amanda Daley.


Multimorbidity and patient safety incidents in primary care: A systematic review. Peter Bower.

A Cochrane Systematic Review of computer-based diabetes self-management interventions for adults with type 2 diabetes. Elizabeth Murray.

Development of a new intervention for patients with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME; a collaborative approach based on patient and public involvement. Clare McDermott.


Evaluation of the patient-reported outcome (PRO) content of clinical trial protocols.Derek Kyte.

Disconnects between clinical guidelines and real world practices: a qualitative exploration of the role of NICE guidelines in primary care management of low back pain. George Lewith.

The Oral Steroids for Acute Cough (OSAC) trial: RCT design and recruitment methods. Harriet Downing.

Developing the science of recruitment to clinical trials: from ideas to practice with Systematic Techniques for Assisting Recruitment to Trials (START). Jo Rick (Peter Bower).


Measuring sexual wellbeing - the Sexunzipped online survey.  Julia Bailey.

“Even ‘daily’ is not enough”: How well do we measure domestic violence and abuse? A thinkaloud study of a commonly used self-report scale: implications for questionnaire design. Maggie Evans.

Cortisol Evaluation in Abuse Survivors (CEASE study): feasibility and acceptability of salivary cortisol specimen collection in a community-based study on domestic violence and abuse and mental health. Natalia Lokhmatkina.


A randomised controlled trial of the effect of using simulated patients on the acquisition by medical students of musculoskeletal examination skills. Jim Parle.

Feasibility of an RCT of a brief communication intervention for GPs to enhance the
elicitation of patient concerns during primary care consultations.
Rachael Summers.

Systematic review of undergraduate medical education in the UK general practice setting and Meta-ethnography of student and patient perspectives of undergraduate medical education in the UK general practice setting. Sophie Park.


Self-help interventions for weight loss in overweight and obese adults: systematic review and meta-analysis. Jamie Hartmann-Boyce.

A nurse-led telephone supported self-management intervention for people with mildly symptomatic chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): a randomised controlled trial (PSM-COPD). Kate Jolly. 

Candidates for care in primary care: Experiences of patients with Multiple Sclerosis and primary care professionals. Abigail Methley.

What ‘hassles’ do patients with multimorbidity report, and which patients report the most ‘hassles’? Peter Bower.


Consent for research in primary care. Gemma Lasseter.

Development of a measure of Patient Reported Experiences and Outcomes of Patient Safety in Primary Care: the PREOS-PC instrument. Ignacio Ricci Cabello.

Identifying Moderators of Treatment Outcome in Musculoskeletal Shoulder Disorders. Cliona McRobert.

Symptom Interpretation and Decision-making Processes in Patients with Lung or Colorectal Cancer (sub-study of CANDID (CANcer DIagnosis Decision study)). Gemma Mansell.


Barriers to and Facilitators of Implementation of Research Evidence and Complex Interventions in Primary Care: a Systematic Review of Reviews. Rosa Lau.

Safe general practice: a qualitative study of patients’ perspectives.Caroline Sanders.

Effectiveness of Strategies to Optimise Implementation of Complex Interventions in Primary Care: a Systematic Review of Reviews. Rosa Lau.

Diagnosis and monitoring of chronic kidney disease in primary care - systematic review and meta-analysis of bias of glomerular filtration rate estimating equations. Daniel Lasserson.


Pressures on parents sending unwell children to nursery: a qualitative study from the Parents’ Choices About Daycare (PiCArD) project. Fran Carroll.

Supporting self-care for families of children with Eczema with a web-based intervention plus health care professional support: Pilot randomised controlled trial. Miriam Santer.

Psychological Impact of childhood Eczema: birth cohort study. Matthew Ridd.

Whooping cough in school aged children presenting with persistent cough in UK primary care after the introduction of the pre-school pertussis booster vaccination: a prospective cohort study. Kay Wang.


Inconsistencies in quality of life data collection in clinical trials: a potential source of bias? Interviews with research nurses and trialists. Derek Kyte.

Use of Primary Care databases to evaluate drug benefits and harms: Do different databases give the same results? David Reeves.

Withdrawing Performance Indicators: Retrospective Analysis of General Practice Performance Under the UKs Quality and Outcomes Framework. Evan Kontopantelis.

Hacking into health research: Supporting rapid Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) through Patient Hack Days. Sarah Knowles.


ProAct65+ trial of exercise promotion for older adults in primary care. Steve Iliffe.

Predicting five-year dementia risk using routinely collected primary care data: the development and internal validation of a new dementia risk algorithm. Kate Walters.

Experiences of loneliness in later life: typologies, self-management, and interventions.Kalpa Kharicha.

“It really was a roller-coaster”: the impact of domestic violence on the adult friends and relatives of survivors. Alison Gregory.

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