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Social media can be used to find contributors, but can also be used in other ways to conduct PPI:

  • Posting questions on disease or community relevant public forums and using the responses can be a good way to get initial feedback from the community your research will affect.
  • Twitter chats can be used in a similar way, to foster discussion in an online community about a specific topic. Responses and messages with a specific hashtag can be collected and used to form a research question or part of your study design.
  • Chorus is a piece of software developed as a ‘ free, evolving, data harvesting and visual analytics suite designed to facilitate and enable social science research using Twitter data.’ Whilst developed for the social sciences, this could be used to conduct meaningful PPI.

See our resources page for more details.    

See our other FAQs for advice on how to do PPI at different stages and other important things to consider.