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Best practice for PPI activities is to offer a contributor payment or ‘involvement fee’, as well as reasonable travel expenses, these can be made in cash or vouchers, depending on your department's policy.

Fees are ‘honorarium’ payments, and are a form of recognition offered for contributions made to each activity, and not an hourly rate. This does not mean that contributors have a contract of employment with your department or organisation.

 See the SPCR payment guidance, which was created using the more comprehensive NIHR Central Commissioning Facility (CCF) PPI Payment Guide. The advised rates reflect differences in the volume and nature of activities required before, during and after a meeting. The fee should cover preparation for, attendance at meetings, and any post-activity feedback.

There is more guidance on the INVOLVE website, including advice for contributors who have concerns about how  payments may affect their Tax and Welfare Benefits


See our resources page for more details.

See our other FAQs for advice on how to do PPI at different stages and other important things to consider.