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There is no ‘one size fits all’ for PPI activities, they can involve a face to face panel, an open discussion, an online forum, or something completely different.

A few key pointers to consider when running a PPI activity:

  • Define the role of the contributor ahead of the meeting so both parties are clear on what is expected, and what is not.
  • Where possible, contributors should be compensated for their time (see our payment advice)
  • If your activity is face to face, ensure travel expenses are always reimbursed
  • In any activity you should have at least 2 contributors attending
  • Ensure any disabilities are considered and how the setting (face to face or online) is suitable for the contributors

Contact your PPI coordinator for advice on what method would be the most useful to you and your study.


See our resources page for more details.

See our other FAQs for advice on how to do PPI at different stages and other important things to consider.