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1. How do I use PPI in the design of my study?

Start early!

Make sure it is appropriate and relevant – don’t do it for the sake of it.

You could consult patients and public on:


  • Your research question/theme
  • If you have already set your research question, what do the PPI contributors think about the research question?
  • Are the methods you have chosen suitable/appropriate?
  • What is your recruitment strategy like? Do they have any suggestions?
  • What do they think of the intervention/treatment/etc?
  • Can they comment on your lay summary/help you write it.

 Document their responses!

You can then involve these individuals throughout the project if possible.


2. How can PPI help with writing Lay Summaries?

Most funders now ask for a lay summary of the research proposal, and information sheets need to be written simply and clearly for potential participants. You can ask public contributors to check your summary for clarity etc. If they want to be a more involved member of the research team they could even try writing it for you.


See our resources for more details.

See our other FAQs for advice on how to do PPI at different stages and other important things to consider.