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In 2013 representatives from a range of organisations with a responsibility for, or an interest in, patient and public involvement (PPI) in research in the primary care setting formed an informal interest group. With a shared experience of collaborating with patients and carers around study design, development and delivery we knew the value this can add to the quality, performance and experience of research. 

We were keen to see how we could join up involvement and engagement activities to facilitate greater continuity for patients and carers along the lifecycle of a study. We also recognised that we had similar agendas with regards to promoting access to research and an interest in working with external patient led organisations such as the National Association for Patient Participation N.A.P.P. In November 2013 we asked researchers via INVOLVE for examples where PPI has made a positive impact on research in primary care and were delighted to hear back from eleven research teams across England. The examples present a rich tapestry of how patients and carers have been involved in the development of a range of research studies. There is also a range of different ways of involving people which have been included from virtual online groups to established forums. We enjoyed reading the case studies and wanted to share them wider to inspire others to be creative and dynamic in the way they involve patients and carers.

Thank you to all the members of the group listed under Organisational Profiles who all contributed to producing this publication by collaborating on the design, content and editing. Special thanks in particular to the members of PRIMER who reviewed the document to check use of plain English and ensure it is accessible to a wide public audience and to the School for Primary Care Research for publishing and printing the document.

Patient and Public Involvement: Case Studies in Primary Care Research