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Changes to the delivery of primary care with the attraction of more clinicians into general practice, an expansion of all the other clinicians working in primary care and the promotion of multidisciplinary teams have been proposed as key ways to revitalise general practice and primary care. Our aim is that this PhD programme will support this drive, building a sustainable multi-professional clinical academic workforce to lead and implement the research needed to underpin developments in practice.

The main aims of this Wellcome funded PhD Programme are:              

  • To increase multi-professional research capacity in primary care and build a cadre of future research leaders in primary care
  • To increase the evidence base for primary care practice and policy

As a consortium of leading institutions, our vision is to create a diverse, inclusive, accountable doctoral training programme (and, indeed, wider research environment) which offers a hospitable and welcoming environment in which individuals can flourish and conduct excellent research. 

The £8.7M programme is funded by Wellcome and will run for 5 year, funding a total of up to 25 PhD studentships.

Who are the consortium members?

The consortium is led by Queen Mary University of London, its members are all nine current members of the NIHR School for Primary Care Research (SPCR)  and the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Cambridge