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Learn about the NIHR Incubator for Methodology – 20 October

This webinar will inform you of the incubator activities so far, outline future plans, and let you know how the incubator will involve stakeholders and methodologists. It will also include a Q&A to hear perspectives from the community and answer any questions.

Creating a more inclusive research environment – Pioneering Partnerships event – 21 October

How can we create a more inclusive research environment for patients and the public? Discover the perspective of regulatory bodies by joining Pioneering Partnerships on 21 October. The event will provide tools for researchers, a platform to share best practice and a place to discuss how patients can be embedded in research. 

NIHR Academy Members' Conference – 24 November

Save the date. The NIHR Academy Members’ Conference is taking place virtually on 24 November 2020. Our theme this year is ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion’ and there will be a variety of great speakers, skills sessions and other activities.

Registrations will be opening in October so keep an eye out for our details over the coming weeks

Creative problem solving

Learn techniques to develop your creativity and achieve the best results when solving complex problems or discussing opportunities. This webinar will explore a range of strategies and different approaches you can apply to problem-solving, and the opportunities you have identified.