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Researchers across four School departments have been involved in a project to explore the causes of the evidence to practice gap (2nd translational gap) for complex interventions in primary care and what strategies are effective for closing the gap. The project, led by Professor Elizabeth Murray (UCL) and Professor Bie Nio Ong (Keele), completed last year and the team were invited to present their findings to the NIHR Evaluations Trials and Studies (NETSCC).

Evidence to practice 2013 addressing the second translational gap for complex interventions in primary care
The NETSCC team with project team members Krysia Dziedzic, Rosa Lau, Hazel Everitt and Anne Kennedy in the front row

On 18 November Dr Hazel Everitt, Dr Anne Kennedy, Ms Rosa Lau and Professor Krysia Dziedzic presented the results and undertook a workshop regarding the implications for NETSCC in Southampton. The results will be used to inform NETSCC's further plans to enhance impact and implementation of the research they commission and fund.

It was a really exciting opportunity to be able to present our research findings to NETSCC. We had a very interesting and insightful discussion to explore the potential implications of the work for them and their role within the NIHR.

We are very much looking forward to supporting the team to further develop their plans to enhance impact and implementation!” 

- Rosa Lau

The protocol has been published and two papers are currently in press (one accepted by BMJ Open). The project was included in the NIHR Journals Library.

Full list of School collaborators:

Dr Fiona Stevenson, Department of Primary Care & Population Health, UCL

Professor Krysia Dziedzic, Department of Primary Care & Health Sciences, Keele University

Dr Hazel Everitt, Department of Primary Care & Population Sciences, University of Southampton

Professor Nadeem Qureshi, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham

Ms Rosa Lau, Department of Primary Care & Population Health, University College London

Other partners:

Professor Shaun Treweek, Health Services Research Unit, University of Aberdeen

Professor Sandra Eldridge, Centre for Primary Care & Public Health, Queen Mary University

Professor Anne Rogers, Department of Health Sciences, University of Southampton

Dr Anne Kennedy, Department of Health Sciences, University of Southampton

Dr Andrew Morden, School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol