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Sarah Wigham

I am a Senior Researcher at Newcastle University. My research focuses on mental health, learning disabilities and autism.  

Award Title: Mental Health Fellowship

Start Date: 1st January 2023

End Date: 31st March 2024

Location of Research: Newcastle University 

Collaborating Organisations: Independent Theatre Company led by people with learning disabilities; Cumbria Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust 

Project Title: DevelOPing a primary care traumA screening tooL and a practitioner/staff training resource on trauma among people with learning disabilities. OPAL Study. 

Brief summary: 

This research aims to work with key stakeholders (people with learning disabilities, relatives, practitioners and community service providers) to:  

1.  Develop a screening questionnaire to identify people with learning disabilities affected by trauma for use in primary care.   

2. Gather data to inform future development of an online trauma training resource for providers of community support/services for people with learning disabilities.   

3. Identify how the trauma screening questionnaire and training can be adopted by regional health/social care pathways for people with learning disabilities.  

Methods: The study is qualitative; data will be collected using surveys, focus groups/interviews. Data collection will explore (i) what should be included in the trauma screening questionnaire and training (ii) what format will be best (iii) who will benefit most from the resources (iv) barriers to using the screening tool/training (v) best ways to measure how the trauma screening tool and training help people with learning disabilities, families/carers and service providers.   

Benefits anticipated: The trauma screening tool and information to inform future development of a training resource will be available at the end of the study.