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The NIHR School for Primary Care Research (SPCR) Undergraduate Student Internship Programme provides students with experience in a research environment and access to a team of specialised mentors and supervisors. The aim of the programme is to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to gain primary care research experience, allow for greater collaboration and to raise the academic profile of general practice.

Applications for SPCR internships will be open on 26th February 2024 and will close at 13.00 on 28th March 2024 

Students will be asked to fill in a short application form including a personal statement of no more than 450 words covering the following:

  • ­Why are you applying for this School of Primary Care Research internship?
  • ­What do you hope to gain from the experience? How will this internship support your future career or professional development plans?
  • ­What contribution do you think you can make to the project during the internship?

Why do an internship

Previous interns to the SPCR internship scheme have enjoyed the opportunity and identified several benefits from taking part:

  • Being in a research environment
  • Insights into different types of research such as interview analysis, working on both quantitative and qualitative studies and an understanding of how they work together to validate findings
  • Crystalising statistical and epidemiological knowledge
  • Learning how policy is developed, piloted and reviewed
  • Using fresh data sets, large data sets and statistical software
  • Developing skills in self management and proactively identifying projects
  • The opportunity to design and carry out a research study
  • To see how primary care researchers divide their time between clinical and academic work
  • Valuable insights into the world of academic research
  • Working on publications
I highly recommend the internship. Really grateful for all the support I continue to receive from my supervisors. They've encouraged me to push this project all the way to conference presentations and publications"


SPCR Members are offering research opportunities for undergraduate students, from any degree based at a UK university, to take on a summer research internship. Internship projects are offered either as a virtual opportunity or in-person at the relevant university. More information on the available projects will be listed here when the application window opens on 26th February

 Further Information

Internships are paid in two instalments, at the National Living Wage  - (Hourly rate will depend on the location of the placement and place of work)