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The School for Primary Care Research is committed to meaningful patient and public involvement and public engagement.

It's vision with regards to patient and public involvement and engagement is 

to establish a culture within the NIHR School for Primary Care Research where our community has the skills and resources to optimise and deliver patient and public involvement and engagement and it is integrated in to our ways of working and throughout the research we fund

The SPCR has, in consultation with researchers, public contributors and involvement professionals, identified 6 aims that will lead the School's involvement and engagement programme to work towards it's vision:

      A diagram of 6 circles positioned in a circle. Each of them represents one of the aims and mentions the aim and objectives. In the middle there is a smaller circle with UK Standards for Public Involvement written around it.

Enabling involvement through research - Funding requirement, Training, Fund co-production
Involvement throughout funding processes - Shortlising and decision making, Reviewing methods, in all funding opportunities
Lead by Example - Diverse and Inlusive involement, Share experiences, Emphasize importance, Involvement in decision making, Raise awareness and profile of research, Involvemnet in staff recruitment
Strengthen member's practice - Cross member ambitions, Supporting member's PPIE programmes
Inclusive, innovative, diverse and creative PPIE practice - Learn fro examples, Fund inclusive and creative trials, Prizes for researchers and public, Identify under represented communities, Research in PPIE
Improve knowledge sharing - Facilitate opportunities, Improve communications   I.            Ensure our research community incorporates patient and public involvement and engagement throughout research


       II.            Incorporate relevant involvement throughout our funding processes


     III.            Lead by example in our involvement and engagement practice


    IV.            Strengthen involvement and engagement practice of SPCR members


      V.            Inspire and encourage inclusive, innovative, diverse and creative patient and public involvement and engagement


    VI.            Improve the knowledge sharing of patient and public involvement and engagement


PPIE Strategy

To read more about the School's involvement and engagement ambitions and programme, please read our Strategy for Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement 2021-2026.