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Applications are closed

Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research - Primary Health Care

TUTOR-PHC is a one-year, national interdisciplinary research training program funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF) with representation from the disciplines of: Family Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, Epidemiology, Social Work, Sociology , Education and many others. The School will hold competition to select the candidate.

Application process 

The programme is aimed at early career researchers/ trainees. Applicants do not have to be in receipt of SPCR funding but they must be a member of one of the nine SPCR members.

To apply, send a one page CV and a one page covering letter to  Please DO NOT apply directly to the programme. 

The CV and covering letter should demonstrate the contribution that the applicant can make to the programme, what the applicant hopes to gain from the opportunity, how the application has engaged with the SPCR to date and how the experience can be shared with the SPCR community.

Application deadline: 16 December 2020

The following criteria will be used to judge the submissions:

  • Demonstrable commitment to academic career with strong research component
  • Likelihood of success in such a career, as judged from progress to date (e.g. grants, publications, presentations, etc.)
  • Likelihood of future leadership potential as judged from progress to date (e.g. leading  something in clinical, personal or academic arena).
  • Connections with SPCR to date
  • Commitment to inter-disciplinary working, as evidenced from track record – e.g. multi-disciplinary research projects, or teaching, or clinical work. 
  • Likely contribution to the programme
  • Articulation of what candidate would gain from programme
  • Strength of candidate's plans to share the experience with SPCR community


The innovative curriculum (primary health care research skills and interdisciplinary theory and process) includes:

  • an onsite 3-day symposium in Toronto
  • two 3-week online research skill development workshops - June and November
  • two 7-8 week online interdisciplinary discussion groups - September to November and January to March
  • autumn - present your own research project to peers and receive interdisciplinary feedback
  • winter - work with an interdisciplinary team to create a primary health care research project
  • trainees accepted to the program will have their research supervisor participate in aspects of the program.
  • at the end of the program trainees will be able to complete an interdisciplinary primary health care research proposal

Further details can be found on

Past SPCR students include Ryc Aquino, Gemma Mansell, Ben Ainsworth, Ben Fletcher, Grace Moran, Clare Taylor, Emma Bray, Matthew Ridd and Jasmin Knopp. 

Clare Taylor said the opportunity to be part of the TUTOR-PHC programme allowed her to "meet some amazing Canadian researchers and learn new skills particularly in qualitative and mixed method approaches." Read more.

We are very happy with our affiliation with your School. Your trainees have made substantial contributions to the learning environment at TUTOR. It is a wonderful opportunity, not only for your candidate, but also for all the trainees to rub shoulders with international colleagues- Moira Stewart, TUTOR-PHC Mentor, University of Western Ontario.