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Stephanie Ejegi-Memeh

Stephanie Ejegi-Memeh - Mental Health

I am a qualitative health inequalities researcher with experience in patient, carer and community experience research. I have a particular interest in racialized and gendered inequalities. Alongside my academic endeavours, I work closely with a number of community organisations 

Award Title: Career Development Award 

Start Date: 1st December 2022

End Date: 31st May 2024

Project title: Exploring the role of Black-led community organisations in promoting mental well-being in Black communities 

Brief summary: In the UK, people from Black communities have a higher prevalence of mental health conditions, are less likely to seek help for mental health conditions and are less likely to have their mental health conditions detected by professionals. 

Community organisations often step in where statutory services fail, but their initiatives are precariously funded, rarely documented nor the focus of rigorous research. 

This project aims to: 

1) document the contribution of Black-led community organisations in promoting mental well-being 

2) document the strengths and challenges of Black-led community organisations 

3) explore how to conduct research in equitable and collaborative ways with Black communities 

4) evaluate how Black-led organisations function to promote mental well-being in Black communities 

Methods: This 18 month qualitative project draws on a Black Emancipatory Action Research framework and Critical Race Theory. 

It consists of four overlapping stages: 

1) An exploration of decolonial, anti-racist, emancipatory research methods; 

2) Mapping the activities of Black-led community organisations; 

3) Volunteering (non-participant observation) and discussions with stakeholders (interviews and/or focus groups) from Black-led community organisations across the UK; 

4) Data analysis and development of composite stories and counter stories 

Benefits anticipated: 

This project aims to benefit organisations and individuals within Black communities.  

  • Knowledge sharing events will be held with the aim to encourage Black unity and networking within Black communities.  

  • The composite and counter stories developed will be shared widely providing stories and counter-stories of Black mental health and well-being. These stories and counter-stories will potentially counter current damaging portrayals of Black mental health and well-being 

  • Ideas for future mental health focused community-based initiatives which may be beneficial for Black communities will also be developed and disseminated