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Yu (Maggie) Fu

I have clinical and academic backgrounds in medicine and public health. I am an experienced mixed methods researcher who is strongly committed to applied health research that has the potential to impact policy and practice.  

My research interests can be described under two themes: 1) development and evaluation of evidence-based health services; 2) management of multimorbidity. 

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Award Title: Research Project

Start date:  1 September 2022

End date:  29 February 2024

Location of Research: North East and North Cumbria, Greater Manchester, North West Coast 

Project Title: Establishing evidence to inform culturally competent mental health services (EVOLVE) 

Brief Summary:

COVID has worsened and deepened the longstanding mental health inequalities for ethnic minorities. Higher levels of anxiety and depression were reported in ethnic minorities across the pandemic, but they had less support from mental health services. This indicates a pressing need to understand what and how changes in using mental health services impact health outcomes of ethnic minorities, so practice will learn what and how services should be provided to satisfy people’s needs.  

This study aims to identify what changes happened to mental health services for adults during the pandemic, and how such changes affected ethnic minority groups. The findings will help the NHS to develop culturally appropriate care that meets the social, cultural, ethical, and religious needs of patients post-pandemic. 

Methods: A mixed methods approach comprising a rapid review, observational study of retrospective routine data, qualitative interview, and Delphi study. 

Benefits anticipated:

Practice recommendations on equitable and effective services and delivery modes that should commence or continue or stop to ensure culturally competent and high-quality care. A list of services and features on what and how mental health services should be provided. This study will tackle health inequalities and contribute to mental health service recovery as the NHS continues to respond to the pandemic.