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Taking place over three years, the programme is designed to foster and develop future leaders in primary care research. It consists of three residential meetings in Oxford and blends seminars and masterclasses with action learning sets and coaching, bringing together attendees with experts in strategic leadership and skills-based trainers.

The programme originally began as part of the Brisbane Initiative, an international collaboration of universities founded by a small group of heads of primary care departments at a meeting in Brisbane in 2002. The programme has been running successfully since 2006 with over 100 participants from 15 countries and 48 institutions to date. It relaunches in 2020 with an improved and newly focused curriculum. Each meeting will have a central leadership theme running through it, sessions will cover:

  • Fundamentals of Research Leadership: understanding leadership as a practical working idea, its impact, its goals and its effect
  • Organisational Research Leadership: reflect on leadership in the research environment, including internal and external factors and cultures that allow for success.
  • Strategic Research Leadership: develop skills to direct and achieve research goals.

SPCR member departments are invited to nominate one candidate who has demonstrated the potential to become a future leader in primary care research. They will usually be 1-5 years post-doctoral. The School will fund the top two placed applicants from member departments from the eight applicants selected by the programme organisers.

For further details please visit the International Primary Care Leadership Programme website

SPCR funded candidates include:

2017: Alyson Huntley (Bristol) and Sarah Tonkin-Crine (Oxford) Read the blog.
2016: Fiona Hamilton (UCL) and Adam Geraghty (Southampton)
2015: Evan Kontopantelis (Manchester) and Fiona Stevenson (UCL) Read the blog.

Prior to this Matthew Ridd (Bristol), Kate Walters (UCL), Tom Blakeman (Manchester), Ceire Costelloe (Bristol), Sarah Slight (Nottingham), Christian Mallen (Keele) and Jeremy Howick (Oxford) were successful. 

The International Leadership Programme has given us a unique opportunity to extend our professional networks and broaden our horizons, either through discussions in Oxford or by visiting other departments.

Being part of this excellent research network increases (young) researchers motivation in research and self-confidence in advancing their career, and is also a figurehead on the CV.

Our cohort is a safe place to reflect on our work, career progression and balance between personal life and work. We learned leadership skills to increase our personal effectiveness and to distinguish between signal and noise. The cohort offers a tremendous peer support in all of these aspects."

- Prof Christian Mallen