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The NIHR Leadership Support and Development Programme is designed for the next generation of researchers; people who are beginning to make a significant contribution to their field, and who recognise that they will not be able to achieve what they hope for in health research and make a real impact without increased leadership and management capability. 

The programme lasts for 15 - 18 months and includes three residential workshops at Ashridge in Hertfordshire, one-to-one coaching, small group action learning work and optional Masterclasses. For the final element the group will be asked to organise a leadership conference – on a theme of strategic importance for research leadership - for the whole NIHR Trainee leadership community on the programme. There will also be a strong ‘working and collaborating with industry’ theme which will include the opportunity to work with an industry buddy and for some, will include industry visits.

The main criteria for the first stage eligibility check are that the applicant:

  • Must be a trainee (on a training programme, NOT staff or researchers. We will need to know the start and end date of the training award which will be checked)
  • Must be at least two years post-doctoral
  • Must be based in England (i.e. no devolved nations)
  • Must be funded until end of the cohort applied for as the programme last from 15-18 months
  • If a locally funded CL, must have letter showing they are a locally funded recognised NIHR CL

More details on eligibility and how to apply can be found on the webstie: NIHR Leadership Programme.