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This PhD programme will fund five clinical PhDs per year for five years. The students will be hosted across the consortium. The Consortium is led by Queen Mary University of London, its members are all nine current members of the NIHR School for Primary Care Research (SPCR)  and the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Cambridge. Students will typically be based in the institution of their primary supervisor.

Cohort 1

Emma Ladds

Emma Ladds - University of Oxford

Project Title:  What is the role of the therapeutic relationship in ‘modern’ General Practice?

Sarah Moore


Sarah Moore - University of Exeter

Project Title:   How would the refinement of urgent cancer referral criteria, by the inclusion of demographics, comorbidities and other covariates affect numbers of patients eligible for referral and their outcomes?

Pushpa Nair

Pushpa Nair - University College London

Project Title: Exploring person-centered care, care environments and care planning for people with dementia from South Asian backgrounds in the UK. 

Lucy Potter

Lucy Potter - University of Bristol

Project title: The Connection Study: Improving access to primary care for people with severe and multiple disadvantages

Hannah Wardman

Hannah Wardman - University of Manchester

Project Title:   Improving the diagnosis and management of suspected IgE and non- IgE mediated food allergy in primary care