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This year's NIHR Academy Members’ Conference is taking place online on 24 November. Our theme is ‘Embedding and celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in research’ and we are planning this event to share with you lots of really useful examples, tools and techniques that you can take back to your workplace.

As always you will be hearing from a range of inspirational speakers and fellow NIHR Academy Members about the work they are doing and you will also be able to participate in a series of skills sessions. Registrations are due to be launching next week, so save the date in your diary and keep an eye out for the announcement.

Other opportunities to get involved in EDI work with NIHR Academy

The NIHR Academy is committed to actively and openly supporting and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. As part of this we are undertaking a number of activities to embed EDI in our culture and the way we work. Initially we will be looking at the challenges and obstacles faced by BAME researchers through a series of confidential virtual small group discussions facilitated by Professor Waljit Dhillo, NIHR Research Professor and Dr Louise Wood, Director of Science, Research and Evidence, DHSC.

The first of these sessions is taking place on 21 October at 10.30am. If you are interested in taking part in this or any other part of this programme of work please complete our expression of interest form.