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14 September   Funding Strategies, Grant Writing Skills & RDS support 

Christie Cabral

23 October   How to implement a virtual programme for Patient and Public Involvement

Webinar: NIHR Academy and Esther van Vliet 

The webinar will cover:

  • why virtual PPI is now even more important
  • key opportunities and challenges of virtual PPI
  • an overview and introduction to virtual and hybrid PPI solutions
  • guidance on how to identify PPI representatives using virtual platforms
  • practical advice on how to facilitate PPI virtual meetings and events.

By attending this webinar you will discover:

  • how to adapt your PPI programme to incorporate virtual and hybrid PPI
  • practical guidance, tips, and resources to deliver PPI virtually.
  • insights from a fellow researcher and PPI representative that you can apply to your PPI virtual programme of work.

More information and registration

6 November     Introduction to qualitative research

Charlotte Albury & Catherine Pope 

Charlotte will lead an introductory half-day overview of qualitative research, specifically designed for PhD/DPhil researchers:

Content will include:

  • Defining qualitative research
  • What is ontology and epistemology anyway?
  • Thinking about data collection
  • Sampling, access and gatekeepers
  • Qualitative in qualitative research

More information and registration

12 November     Adapting Research to the reality of Covid-19

Richard McManus

24 November    Research Methodology

Danielle van der Windt 

1 December    Mindfulness workshop

Kelly Birtwell 

8 December    Applying for NIHR funding

Nicola Melody (NIHR) 

13 January    My career journey

Eileen Kaner 

21 & 22 January    Implementation science & Co-production

Keele Impact Accelerator Unit (IAU)