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Professor paul little awarded rcgp discovery prize

Professor Paul Little awarded RCGP Discovery Prize

SPCR Board member from the University of Southampton, Professor Paul Little, has been awarded the RCGP's Discovery Award in recognition of outstanding research in general practice.

George shaw wins george lewith prize

Dr George Shaw wins George Lewith Prize

Congratulations to the University of Oxford's George Shaw who submitted the winning application for the George Lewith Prize.

New nhs online support for type 2 diabetes

New NHS online support for Type 2 diabetes

A programme of research into web-based self-management for people with type 2 diabetes has informed an online NHS service offered to people with the disease. The research was led by SPCR Academic Lead at UCL's eHealth Unit, Professor Elizabeth Murray, with funding from the NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Health.

Presidential research fellowship from brightest minds

Presidential Research Fellowship from Brightest Minds

The University of Manchester’s Alex Hodkinson received a Presidential Research Fellowship in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health recently, part of the University’s Brightest Minds initiative.

Alzheimers society recognises contributions made to dementia research

Alzheimer's Society recognises contributions made to dementia research

Congratulations to Dr Nathan Davies who received a Dementia Research Leaders Award for his outstanding contribution to dementia research from the Alzheimer’s Society this month. The award is in recognition of his contribution to research since starting his PhD in 2011 and post-doctoral work since 2014, as well as the impact it has had on those affected by, and living with, dementia.

Dame louise robinson named among nation2019s lifesavers

Dame Louise Robinson named among the nation’s lifesavers

SPCR Academic Lead and Director of Newcastle University's Institute for Ageing, Dame Louise Robinson, has been recognised for her outstanding contribution to improving dementia care.

Safa spironolactone for adult female acne

SAFA (Spironolactone for Adult Female Acne)

University of Southampton's Dr Miriam Santer will conduct a new study to test whether Spironolactone, which is usually given to people for high blood pressure, is effective in treating acne.

Open out of hours prescribing enhancing communication

OPEN: Out-of-hours prescribing: enhancing communication

A team of social scientists and academic GPs based at the Universities of Southampton, Bristol, UCL and Oxford are collaborating to understand the social context of prescribing out-of-hours, to optimise current training provision.

Keele is awarded a ps1 5 million research grant to help reduce uk sickeness absence

Keele is awarded a £1.5 million research grant to help reduce UK sick leave

A team from Keele University’s Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences has been awarded a major grant of £1.5 million from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to investigate if an occupational health advice service for patients consulting with their GP will reduce absence from work due to ill-health.

New study will examine the impact of digital health tools in primary care

New study will examine the impact of digital health tools in primary care

A new study, DECODE (unexpecteD consEquenCes Of Digital hEalth), is aiming to improve how digital health tools are used in primary care by identifying and understanding their unexpected consequences for patients, GPs and practice staff.

Capcs new palliative and end of life care research group

CAPC's new Palliative and End of Life Care Research Group

The Centre for Academic Primary Care at the University of Bristol announced their new Palliative and End of Life Care Research Group at the end of March.

Training update from eswg

Training update from ESWG

The Evidence Synthesis Working Group (ESWG) is a cross-site collaboration within the NIHR School for Primary Care Research working together to produce a wide range of high-quality systematic reviews.

2019 nihr senior investigators

2019 NIHR Senior Investigators

The NIHR has announced the names of the 46 new and re-appointed Senior Investigators for 2019.

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