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Exeter Collaboration for Academic Primary Care - University of Exeter

The Exeter Collaboration for Academic Primary Care (APEx) is an established centre of excellence for primary care research and education based within the University of Exeter Medical School. With a strong track-record in collaborative, impact-focused, multidisciplinary and innovative research, the work of APEx informs and responds to international, national and local priorities. APEx brings together primary care researchers, healthcare professionals and educators, and the infrastructure to interact with partners in the NHS, wider health and social care system, voluntary sector and industry.

APEx seeks to maintain and grow a dynamic community across professional groups (e.g. GPs, nurses, physiotherapists, other allied health professions) and academic disciplines (e.g. statistics, psychology, social sciences, health economics) relevant to primary care research and education and does this partly through a dynamic training programme involving undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and those combining clinical and research roles.


Richard Neal

Sallie Lamb


Emma Pitchforth (Co-Lead)

Jane Smith (Co-Lead)


Beccy Summers


Calum MacLeod