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Proposed projects available at Queen Mary University of London:

Project title Lead supervisor
Understanding the role of offline and online social networks in asthma management through quantitative social network assessment Dr Anna De Simoni
Evaluation of social prescribing: a mixed methods study  Dr Victoria Tzortziou Brown (
Uncovering the disease trajectories of atrial fibrillation: a machine learning approach Prof Jianhua Wu (
Defining opportunities for timely and equitable dementia diagnosis Dr Charles Marshall (
Improving medication reviews from the inside out: a linguistic ethnographic study in general practice  Dr Nina Fudge (
Understanding Implementation of Behaviour change in the National Health Check Programme  Dr Liz Steed (
Digital self-management interventions for those with early onset type 2 diabetes 

Dr Jamie Ross (

The implementation of clinical guidelines for periodontal treatment in primary care   Prof Eduardo Bernabe (
How can we improve inclusion in primary care research for ethnically minoritized people through training and capacity building for academic and community researchers? Dr Ratna Sohanpal (
Increasing the capacity and quality of assisted technology (AT) in primary care to better support patients with long term conditions live more independently for the long term. Dr Ratna Sohanpal (
Enhancing palliative care management in Primary care Dr Megan Armstrong (
Understanding and optimising management of cancer risk in symptomatic patients with possible bladder and kidney cancer Dr Yin Zhou (