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Ali Hindi

Member University:  The University of Manchester 

Award title:  NIHR SPCR Post-Doctoral Fellowship 

Project Title:  The development and validation of a quality framework to support integration of community pharmacy healthcare services in primary care to enhance the quality and safety of patient care  

Brief Summary:   

This research project aims to identify new ways of improving quality and safety of patient care in community pharmacy by developing and validating a quality framework which supports integration of community pharmacy healthcare services in primary care. The fellowship will find new effective ways to help community pharmacies improve the quality care by: 

1. Summarising existing research existing evidence around definitions of quality of care in community pharmacy, other primary care organisations, and what facilitates integration. This will help us identify aspects of quality in community pharmacy that can serve as a framework for improving care and services. 

2. Having nominal group discussions with patients, healthcare professionals, decision and policy-makers in community pharmacy, general practice and the wider NHS, to make sure the quality framework would meet their needs and to explore other aspects of quality not already covered by the existing research literature. 

3. Applying for further funding for using this validated quality framework to develop and test quality indicators for content/face validity, acceptability, reliability, feasibility and implementation issues in community pharmacy. 

Start date:  01/10/22 

End date:  31/05/24 

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