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Claire Ashmore

Claire Ashmore

  • Community Engagement Manager- Three Schools' Mental Health Research Programme

I joined The NIHR Three School’s Mental Health Research Programme in February 2022 as the Community Engagement Manager. I worked at the local Acute Hospital Trust for the last two years during the pandemic, predominantly in the Emergency Department so I have witnessed health care at its best. Before this I had previously worked at Keele University for 18 years in various research management roles

I am passionate about community engagement and in particular, mental health from lived family experience. I have a MA in Humanities and Applied Social Studies and my area of research was ‘A study of consumer involvement in audit and research in maternity care’.

The NIHR Three Schools’ Mental Health Research Programme is focussing on improving mental health and wellbeing in underserved populations through collaborative research. My role leads on the involvement and engagement activities within this mental health research programme, working closely with a Research Fellow to deliver a meaningful and inclusive programme.

My main hobby now is running. I re-joined Newcastle (Staffs) Athletics Club in 2020 and am thoroughly enjoying the vibe that running gives me. I have even started to run competitively again!