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Jade Kettlewell

Award Title: Postdoctoral Fellowship

Project Title: Exploring use and implementation of rehabilitation prescriptions for individuals admitted to UK major trauma centres: a mixed-methods study

Brief Summary: 

The opening of UK Major Trauma Centres (MTCs) has increased survival rates, however more people are living with the long-term effects of injury. They place a significant burden on the healthcare system, with many survivors experiencing physical and psychological problems, often requiring rehabilitation. The ‘Rehabilitation Prescription’ (RP) was developed in 2010, designed to describe patient needs and engage patients in their rehabilitation. It aims to facilitate continuity of care following MTC discharge, enabling community-based healthcare providers to identify individual rehabilitation needs. However, research suggests the RP is not being implemented as intended.

My fellowship aims to explore the implementation of the RP for traumatic injury survivors and is split into 5 stages:

  1. Observations within four MTCs to understand the processes involved in completing RPs.
  2. Online survey of healthcare providers to explore behaviours that affect RP implementation.
  3. Case studies to map the ‘journey’ of the RP for up to nine traumatic injury survivors.  
  4. Interviews and focus groups with individuals involved in RP completion to explore factors affecting implementation.
  5. Three co-design workshops to develop potential solutions to improve the use of RPs.

Start date:  01 April 2022

End date:  31 March 2024

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