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Centre for Academic Primary Care - University of Bristol

The Centre for Academic Primary Care (CAPCat the University of Bristol is one of the leading centres of academic primary care in the UK, and internationally known as a centre of excellence for research.  It has been a member of the SPCR since its inception in 2006.  

CAPC aims to provide high quality evidence to address some of the most important health challenges relating to NHS primary care, and to generate knowledge that is accessible and useful to academics, commissioners, clinicians, service providers, voluntary sector and the public. 

CAPC has over 100 staff membersincluding academic GPs and primary health care scientists with expertise in statistics, qualitative methods, health economicsrandomised controlled trials, realist evaluations and systematic reviewingProjects often involve collaboration with other departments. Locally we collaborate with colleagues at the University of the West of England, Bath University, ARC West, the dental school, and the eye hospital.

SPCR Board Members

John Macleod

Katrina Turner

Reseach Support Manager

Nancy Horlick