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Impact is defined by the NIHR as the 'demonstrable contribution that research makes to society and the economy, of benefit to individuals, organisations and nations.' 

Researchfish is used by the NIHR to capture information from SPCR trainees to illustrate the impact and relevance of their research outputs. The outputs are then disseminated through various channels back to the School for Primary Care Research and the Department of Health and Social Care, making it easier to keep track of current research successes and for a long term view of the contributions the funding is making.  

The NIHR uses Researchfish in various ways, one of which is by developing case studies to complement reports which are shared with funders - impact case studies are compiled in response to information requests. 

Find out more about Researchfish, what to submit, and how to get started.

Guidance on how to submit is available in our guidance notes and on the Researchfish website. Our FAQs answer commonly asked questions about what sort of information to submit for your NIHR award and how.

You can download a full set of the questions used by Researchfish in advance to prepare your responses ahead of online submission. You can also find out how the NIHR interprets the terminology (response codes) used by Researchfish

Researchfish offers videos on how to complete specific steps of the submission process.