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SPCR funded researchers have developed a guide to help clinicians and parents decide on the best treatment for respiratory infections. The symptoms-based guide will help them decide when to seek medical advice or when to treat children at home. The research took place at the Universities of Bristol, Manchester, Oxford, and York.

Details taken from the news on the Centre for Academic Primary Care website (University of Bristol):

The researchers brought together a panel of 12 experts – including GPs, pharmacists, NHS 111 nurses and emergency paediatric consultants – and asked them to rate the appropriateness of care setting for over 1,000 symptoms-based scenarios in children aged over 12 months.

The panellists agreed that home care would be appropriate for children with up to one week of ‘normal’ respiratory infection symptoms: cough, sore throat, ear pain and/or runny nose, with or without eating adequately, and with a normal level of consciousness.

They also agreed that a same-day GP appointment would be advised for children with two or more symptoms in addition to those defined as ‘normal’, and/or for children with shortness of breath.

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