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The University of Bristol's Dr Polly Duncan is interviewed by the NIHR for the Your Path in Research campaign. She talks about balancing her work as a general practitioner and researcher.

Dr Polly Duncan is a General Practitioner (GP) and Senior Research Fellow, and her interest in research was sparked by an undergraduate research project in Ethiopia.  In a blog written for the Your Path campaign, she describes her NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship and how she spends her time supporting research and encouraging others to get involved in research. 

"It is possible to be a mum, a GP and an aspiring academic. I have set up a new initiative called PACT (the Primary care Academic CollaboraTive). The idea is to give trainees and clinicians more opportunities to get involved in research. Data for grassroots projects will be collected by clinicians from the PACT network and combined to answer important research questions."

Read the full interview here: