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Drs Beth Bareham and Daniel Stow discuss their recent publications with BJGP Interview Podcast. The podcast holds regular conversations with researchers and clinicians who can update and inform on the latest and best practice in primary care practice.

Beth and Daniel are currently SPCR post-doctoral launching fellows at Newcastle University. Beth is building on her work to understand older people's alcohol use and how it is addressed in primary care, with a project with her PPI contributors to co-design an intervention to support older people in primary care to make healthier decisions regarding their drinking. Here, she talks to Dr Euan Lawson for the BJGP podcast about her most recent article on how older people's perceptions about the effects of their alcohol use on their health can be managed by primary care practitioners.

Daniel continues to develop his expertise and explore how routinely collected data can be used to improve end of life care for older people, and people dying with frailty. Daniel was interviewed by Dr Euan Lawson for the BJGP podcast about his most recent article, which examines the timing of end of life recognition in primary care, and what GPs do when they think a patient is nearing end of life.