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Project Title

Project Lead 

Newcastle Feasibility/pilot cluster randomised controlled trial of use of NEWS2 scores in care homes Joy Adamson
Nottingham Covid-19 and the indirect impact on children Loucia Ashikkali
Oxford Associations between COVID-19 infection, tobacco smoking and nicotine use, common respiratory conditions and inhaled corticosteroids: a prospective QResearch-Case Mix Programme data linkage study January-May 2020 Paul Aveyard
Oxford The association between obesity and incidence and severity of SARS-CoV-2 infection: two cohort studies  Paul Aveyard
Oxford MAINROUTE Claire Bankhead
Oxford Cancer in the Time of Covid-19  Clare Bankhead
Newcastle DETERMIND-C19: Impact of COVID-19 on people newly diagnosed with dementia and their family carers, a mixed method study nested in DETERMIND cohort Sube Bannerjee
Cambridge Addressing the challenges of End-of-Life Care prescribing in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic Stephen Barclay
Bristol Optimising the telephone management of people affected or at risk of COVID-19 infection via NHS111 services Rebecca Barnes
Manchester Rapid review: what are effective befriending, social support, and low intensity psychosocial interventions delivered remotely are effective in reducing to reduce social isolation and loneliness among older adults? How  and how do they ‘work’? Lis Boulton
Newcastle CO-desiGning demeNtia dIagnoSis And post-diagnostic CarE (COGNISANCE) H Brodaty
Oxford The PRINCIPLE Trial Chris Butler
Oxford RECoVER (Rapid European 2019-nCoV Emergency Research response) Chris Butler
Oxford Are there risk factors and preventative interventions for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in COVID-19? Catherine Carver
Southampton Online survey on Covid-19 Nick Francis & Merlin Willcox
Bristol Social contacts and mixing patterns under COVID19 social distancing measures Hannah Christensen
Bristol Wider collateral damage to children in the UK because of the social distancing measures designed to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in adults Esther Crawley
Bristol SATS for Covid Sam Creavin
Oxford Co-SPACE Survey (COVID-19 Supporting Parents, Adolescents and Children in Epidemics).  Cathy Cresswell
Southampton ACE-Inhibitors/Angiotensin Receptor Blockers and risk of death for people infected with COVID-19: a prospective cohort study Hajira Dambha-Miller
Southampton Drug therapies that can up or downregulate ACE2 receptors in COVID-19 infection: A systematic review Hajira Dambha-Miller
Southampton A consensus statement on the use of primary care big data in COVID-19 Hajira Dambha-Miller
Cambridge Exploring the experiences of a novel method of remote clinical teaching and supervision from the perspective of students and their tutors. Richard Darnton
UCL ENDEMIC: deMENtia and Decision Making during Covid19 Nathan Davies
Oxford RCGP RSC COVID-19 Observatory Simon de Lusignan
Oxford IMOVECOVID Simon de Lusignan
Oxford INSTINCT Simon de Lusignan
Oxford The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the diagnosis of childhood, teenage and young adult cancers Simonde Lusignan
Cambridge Management of patients with heart failure during and after the CoVID-19 pandemic: What has and will change? Christi Deaton
Oxford A project to formally track the results of COVID-19 clinical trials Nick DeVito
Oxford A website created to keep track of registered clinical trials and their results Nick DeVito
Oxford Audit of service delivery and clinical outcomes at eThekwini and Bethesda Hospital Clinics Jienchi Dorwood
Oxford Lopinavir/ritonavir: A rapid review of effectiveness in COVID-19 Jienchi Dorwood
Bristol The demand for home visiting services since the COVID-19 lock-down Polly Duncan
Bristol Epidemiology of COVID-19 in primary care: Real-time CCG/One Care data Polly Duncan
Bristol Hot and Cold Hubs project.  Lorna Duncan
Bristol Characterising older housebound patients and delivery of general practice care pre and post-COVID-19: A proof of concept study using the Primary care Academic CollaboraTive (PACT) model Polly Duncan
Southampton Empathica: Expectation Management for Patients in Primary Care: Developing and Feasibility Testing a New Digital Intervention for Practitioners Hazel Everitt
UCL Covid-19 Social Study Daisy Fancourt
Bristol REPROVIDE Programme Gene Feder
Bristol Bristol UNCOVER (Bristol COVID Emergency Research) Group:  Adam Finn
Bristol Understanding the impact on, and experiences of, young people during the COVID-19 pandemic Harriet Fisher
Southampton COVID trial at Home Nick Francis
Southampton COVID -19 virtual hospital Prognostic study (COVPRO) Nick Francis
Southampton COVID trial at Home Nick Francis
Oxford Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine: Current evidence for their effectiveness in treating COVID-19 Kerstin Frie
Oxford COVID-19 Healthcare Worker Behaviour Study: Understanding the dynamics of policy development and healthcare worker behaviour in the UK during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Nina Gobat
Oxford OPENSAFELY Ben Goldacre
Oxford Remote-by-Default Care in the COVID-19 Pandemic: addressing the micro-,meso-, and macro-level challenges of a radical new service model Trish Greenhalgh
Newcastle A longitudinal ecological study of NEWS and care home deaths Barbara Hanratty
Oxford Rapid review of evidence on managing long-term conditions during pandemics and other national emergencies Jamie Hartmann-Boyce
Oxford Rapid review of evidence on maximising mobility in older people when isolated with COVID-19  Jamie Hartmann-Boyce 
Oxford Rapid reviews and related dissemination of evidence on COVID-19 and diabetes Jamie Hartmann-Boyce
Oxford Rapid reviews of evidence on COVID-19 and asthma Jamie Hartmann-Boyce
Oxford Rapid reviews of evidence on COVID-19, smoking and nicotine Jamie Hartmann-Boyce
Oxford CONDOR: COVID-19 National DiagnOstic Research and Evaluation Platrform (CONDOR) Gail Hayward
Oxford Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service Carl Heneghan
Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service Carl Heneghan
Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service  Statistics nd Mortality  Carl Heneghan
Oxford Open Evidence Reviews Carl Heneghan
Oxford QResearch COVID-19 Risk Score Julia Hippisley-Cox
Oxford A second wave of crisis in the NHS after the COVID-19 pandemic Julia Hippisley-Cox
Oxford Coronavirus record linkage project - QResearch-ICNARC COVID-19  Julia Hippisley-Cox
Oxford Development and evaluation of a tool for predicting risk of short-term adverse outcomes due to COVID-19 in the general UK population Julia Hippisley-Cox
Oxford QResearch corona virus record linkage project Julia Hippisley-Cox
Oxford QResearch-COVID record linkage project Julia Hippisley-Cox
Oxford QResearch-COVID research platform Julia Hippisley-Cox
Oxford Qsurveillance Julia Hippisley-Cox
Oxford Quantifying the association between COVID-19, ethnicity and mortality: A cohort study across three UK national databases  Julia Hippisley-Cox
Oxford ORCHID: Oxford COVID-19 Clinical Informatics hub Richard Hobbs
Oxford ORCHID platform  Richard Hobbs
Oxford Are interventions such as social distancing effective at reducing the risk of asymptomatic healthcare workers transmitting COVID-19 infection to other household members?  Nick Jones
Oxford Comparative accuracy of oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal swabs for diagnosis of COVID-19 Nick Jones
Oxford In patients of COVID-19, what are the symptoms and clinical features of mild and moderate cases? Nick Jones
Oxford Is there an association between exposure to air pollution and severity of COVID-19 infection? Nick Jones
Oxford Practical tips for clinicians helping patients with COVID-related anxiety/distress Nick Jones
Oxford The role and response of primary care and community nursing in the delivery of palliative care in epidemics and pandemics: a rapid review to inform practice and service delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic Nick Jones
Oxford What is the evidence to support the 2-metre social distancing rule to reduce COVID-19 transmission? Nick Jones
Newcastle Better care northern partnership G King
Manchester Modelling excess mortality Evan Kontopantelis
Oxford BMJ Podcast: Talk Evidence - Remdesivir, care homes, and death data  Mona Koshkouei
Oxford How can pandemic spreads be contained in care homes? Taking into account: Human resources, Nursing activities/medications, The role of external visitors Mona Koshkouei
Oxford Is eRD an effective prescribing solution in managing pharmacist and GP workloads and sustainability of the medicines supply chain during the pandemic? Mona Koshkouei
Nottingham An analysis of the epidemiology of patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection in a West Midlands based primary care practice Shreeya Kotecha 
Bristol Use of digital technologies and self-reported loneliness by older individuals self-isolating during COVID-19 Gemma Lasseter
Oxford Cochrane special collection of reviews addressing the issue of offering smoking cessation support during the pandemic Nicola Lindson
Oxford potential of nicotine as a treatment for COVID-19 for The Conversation Nicola Lindson
Oxford QResearch data to investigate the association between smoking, nicotine use, respiratory illness, treatments for respiratory illness and COVID-19 Nicola Lindson
Oxford Rapid review with Jamie Hartmann-Boyce for the CEBM Covid-19 Evidence Service on smoking and acute respiratory infections: Nicola Lindson
Oxford Rapid review with Jamie Hartmann-Boyce for the CEBM Covid-19 Evidence Service on the role of nicotine in COVID-19 Nicola Lindson
Oxford UK Biobank data for observational and Mendelian Randomisation analyses to investigate the link between smoking and COVID-19 Nicola Lindson
Southampton Possible risk of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for COVID-19 symptoms Paul Little
Bristol Mental Health Pathfinder John Macleod
Bristol The impact of COVID-19 on black, Asian and minority ethnic communities Loubaba Mamluk
Oxford Open Evidence Reviews Marcy McCall
Manchester Analysing morbidity and deaths in care homes Marcello Morciano
Bristol Consequence for primary care health delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic: Primary Care response to dealing with increased volume of consultations and possibility of contagion by implementing alternative models of care. Mairead Murphy
UCL  An exploration of Covid-19 on dementia care in black and minority ethnic groups Pushpa Nair
Oxford RAPTOR COVID-19: rapid-test diagnostic evaluation in the community.  Brian Nicholson
Oxford Digital access: Primary health care access during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic Catia Nicodemo
Oxford What is the evidence for anosmia (loss of smell) as a clinical feature of COVID-19? James O'Donovan
Bristol Adherence to, and impact of, self- and supported-isolation: Assess factors associated with adherence to guidelines to self-isolate when ill, when returning to the UK from abroad, and staying at home when well. Isabel Oliver
Bristol A mixed methods evaluation of advice on isolation and health-seeking to contain transmission. Isabel Oliver
Bristol Mass antibody testing programme evaluation Isabel Oliver
Bristol Using linked primary care and viral surveillance data to develop risk stratification models to inform management of severe COVID19 Rupert Payne
Manchester Diagnosis of common long-term conditions in primary care during the COVID-19 emergency Niels Peek
Oxford Project Title: Economic impacts of COVID-19: Evidence from the EMIS COVID-19 Symptom Surveillance tool (Principal Investigator) Stavros Petrou
Oxford Open Evidence Reviews Annette Pluddemann
Bristol Patient and family concerns and priorities for palliative care during the COVID-19 pandemic Lucy Pocock
UCL Recommendations for the facilitation of clinical Med Ed during the COVID pandemic Yathavan Premadasan
Bristol Rapid review of how health and social care professionals in the community can best support patients’ advance care planning in the context of COVID-19 Lucy Selman
UCL Covid-19: Burden and impact in care homes Laura Shallcross
Oxford Video Consulting during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic: implications for scale up and sustainability Sara Shaw
Bristol Impact of social distancing advice during the containment and delay phases of COVID-19.  Emily Spottiswoode
Oxford Fact-checking Covid-19 mortality data  Richard Stevens
Bristol Examining the effect of social distancing measures on regional variation in the spreading of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in England Peter Tammes
Bristol Timing to implement hot and cold sites in primary care Howard Thom
Oxford RECOVER-Qual: Rapid European SARS-COV-2 Emergency research Response (RECOVER) - Qualitative interviews with patients and healthcare professionals. Sarah Tonkin-Crine
Cambridge A rapid evidence review of interventions to reduce social isolation and/or loneliness during COVID-19 self-isolation measures Juliet Usher-Smith
Oxford Article to the BMJ about face coverings, which I am waiting to hear back Helene-Mari Van Der Westhuizen
Oxford WHO Webinar about COVID-19 and face masks - guidance, behavioral insights and social science. Helene-Mari Van Der Westhuizen
Oxford Writing of the WHO COVID-19 Research Roadmap social science working group Public face covering as source control during the COVID-19 pandemic: key considerations from social science Helene-Mari Van Der Westhuizen
Nottingham Exploring the emotional and physical impact of COVID-19 on adults living in the United Kingdom and New Zealand Kavita Vedhara
Cambridge Estimating delayed cancer diagnosis and impact on the NHS in England following lock-down due to COVID-19 Fiona Walter
Southampton CERAbTc-19 (Clinical Evaluation of Rapid Antibody Test for Covid-19) Merlin Willcox
Southampton CERrnaTc-19 (Clinical Evaluation of Rapid RNA Test for Covid-19) Merlin Willcox
Keele Prediction models for diagnosis and prognosis of covid-19: systematic review and critical appraisal Laure Wynants
Bristol/Southampton Reducing risks from coronavirus transmission in the home—the role of viral load Lucy Yardley
Bristol/Southampton Implementation of a digital behavioural change intervention to improve hand hygiene Lucy Yardley
Bristol/Bath Effects of lockdown and changes in delivery of care on opioid dependent individuals  
Bristol/Bath/Exeter The South West Better Care Partnership