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Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, Dr Mio Hu, was presented with the Dean's Award for Postdoctoral Researcher for Enterprise by the Dean of Medicine, Professor Diana Eccles, on 9th December.  

Pump-priming funding from the SPCR and the NIHR has been instrumental in building capacity which, to date, has attracted further funding from the Innovate UK, government fund from China, as well as commercial sponsorship."
- Dr Mio Hu

We spoke to Mio, who is based in the Primary Care and Population Sciences Department, about the research she conducted as a SPCR Launching Fellow, her current research, and her ambitions for the future.

How Did your SPCR funded work contribute to your current research and award? 

I received the prestigious NIHR SPCR Launching Fellowship to develop research in herbal medicine. This fellowship enabled me to work collaboratively with colleagues within the unit and in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China, and build on each other’s expertise as a way of establishing centres of research excellence in herbal medicines. Particularly, the fellowship allowed us to collaborate on several systematic reviews, a survey study, and a qualitative study, in the area of herbal medicine for respiratory tract infections. These have been considered as part of the foundation of our collaboration between the two leading universities for this Innovate UK award.

How  IS THE INNOVATE-UK GRANT enabling you to continue this research?

As part of the UK-China 5 year collaborating strategies in tackling antimicrobial resistance, the Innovate UK (supported by the UK Department of Health), together with the Minister of Science and Technology in China, and two herbal companies, funded our research on “Chinese Herbal medicine to aid AnTibiotic use reduction in exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (CHAT COPD)”.

The grant has allowed me, as a co-investigator, to build up my independence working as a leader and a co-leader on two work packages, by increasing supervision experience, organising international collaboration, and actively planning and coordinating with academics and enterprise.

What are you hoping to achieve with your research in the future?

Pump-priming funding from the SPCR and the NIHR has been instrumental in building capacity which, to date, has attracted further funding from the Innovate UK, government fund from China, as well as commercial sponsorship. My aim is to continue to attract both government and commercial funding to investigate areas of unmet need in primary care as a more financially sustainable framework of supporting future research in herbal medicine.

The awards were divided into four categories:

  • Citizenship -  For example by making a broad contribution by effectively delivering seminar programmes, workshops or mentoring  / pastoral support.
  • Education -   For example by an outstanding contribution to curriculum development.
  • Enterprise -  For example by successfully establishing a new industry collaboration.
  • Public Engagement -  For example by organising an effective outreach event.

Phoenix Medical Ltd is a UK based herbal supplier. It is the only Registration of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM) approved supplier of both concentrated herbal medicine and dry herbs in the UK.

Jiren Pharmaceutical Group was established in 2001 in Anhui, China. It covers Chinese herbal medicine standardized cultivation, Chinese herbal medicine processing, Chinese medicine formula granules and patent Chinese medicine research and development, manufacture, and marketing. The company has been awarded as The National Program Plan Key High-Tech Enterprise, Agricultural Industrialization National Key Leading Enterprise, as well as the National Innovative Experiment Enterprise.


Contact details:

Dr Xiao-Yang (Mio) Hu

Research Fellow
Aldermoor Health Centre,
SO16 5ST

Room Number: 9590 AHC/143/S2

Telephone: (023) 8059 1786