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The School's 13 working groups assist researchers to develop new collaborations both within the School and with outside partners such as the NIHR Schools for Social Care Research and Public Health Research.

Working group conveners arrange regular meetings for those interested in developing research around primary care research topics or specialties. Following initial meetings, research is conceptualized and interest developed with the intention of submitting cross-partner funding bids. With new working groups being devised every year, research can be directed at the current priority areas in healthcare research. In addition, hubs of research expertise are on hand to work across disciplines to provide answers to key primary care questions.

After gauging interest in the Lifestyle Medicine Group at the Showcase in November, the newest group (convened by Drs David Nunan - Oxford and Melanie Chalder - Bristol) is planning an initial meeting on 27 February 2019. Other Working Groups meeting in the new year are:

Allergy Working Group (convened by Matthew Ridd - Bristol) will be meeting at St Mary's University, London, on 15 February 2019.

Mental Health Working Group (convened by Carolyn Chew-Graham - Keele, and Robbie Duschinsky - Cambridge) will be meeting in London on 1 March 2019 

Read the full list of SPCR Working Groups