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Drs Emma Palmer-Cooper and Anne Ferrey have developed the 'Yarnfulness Project', engaging local and online communities to find out their opinions about mindfulness practice.

Image taken at 2017 public engagement 'Knit a neuron' event at the university's Curiosity Carnival
We hope to use the information gathered to design a pilot study to objectively and empirically investigate the impact of yarn-based craft on health and wellbeing." 
- Emma Palmer-Cooper

Emma, SPCR PPI and Research Officer, and Anne, Researcher based at the University of Oxford received the award from research seed funding, a central pot utilised for the funding of new ideas and public engagement activities. The internal funding is for academics and researchers who would like to improve existing, or start new, public engagement activities.

The Yarnfulness project aims to engage with local and online communities who practice yarn-based crafts, including knitting and crocheting. The project is one of 12 successful bids. The project will be public facing, and progress will be reported using an open access, web-based blog.