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Earlier this year, the School for Primary Care Research launched a funding call to encourage the development of engagement and dissemination activities, with special emphasis on promoting research through national or local health awareness campaigns. The intention of the call was to support our researchers in their engagements with non-academic audiences and to raise awareness of primary care research.  

The School is extremely pleased to have funded three engagement projects which we are confident, given the social distancing measures currently in place, will go ahead in the not too distant future. Thank you to all researchers who submitted proposals.

We will repeat the funding call in summer 2020, so keep an eye on the website for further information:

Dying to be heard: implementing and developing research to improve palliative and end of life care

Ben Bowers (University of Cambridge)

Towards the end of the year, and hopefully face-to-face, researchers are planning to hold a stakeholder engagement and dissemination workshop with members of the public, general practitioners, community and care home nurses, service providers, and commissioners of primary and community care services.  This will be linked to the Dying Matters national awareness campaign week which took place from 11 – 17 May. The event will promote awareness and discussion around the importance of addressing the needs of people approaching the end of their lives and timely end-of-life care conversations and bereavement support. The workshops will include presentations on SPCR funded palliative research such as The Fatigue Intervention Co-design Study and is a component of the Evidence Synthesis Working Group.

Mental health in new fathers: Exploring experiences, challenges and barriers to accessing support

Patricia Schartau (University College London)

Researchers plan to engage new fathers in their research on the Use of antidepressant treatment among new fathers: a cohort study using UK primary care data on World Mental Health Day (10 October 2020). They will provide an open space for discussions on mental health in new fathers, and showcase the local services and support available to men in London. An exhibition of photography, podcasts, written pieces, artworks, and short films on the theme of mental health in new fatherhood, undertaken by the fathers, will be arranged. In addition, information stands providing information and signposting to new fathers will be included, as well as a social space for networking between new fathers. The event will take place in an accessible community centre and will be open to the North Central London Boroughs community.

Eczema and Allergy Engagement

Anna Gilbertson (University of Bristol)

During National Eczema Week (13 – 19 September), researchers have planned to hold an engagement event at a Children’s Centre in East Bristol. An interactive presentation providing education on eczema, symptom management, and an overview of current and previous relevant research such as the TEST study will be included. Participants will be able to interact with PPI co-applicants, engage with existing display materials and activities, trial sample moisturisers and ask researchers questions or share their experiences. Researchers will benefit by hearing how best to disseminate research in the future so that findings can be tailored and made more relevant to meet the needs of the public.