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Congratulations to the University of Oxford's George Shaw who submitted the winning application for the George Lewith Prize.

This project has developed my knowledge in the conduction and reporting of clinical research and management of COPD which I will benefit from in both a clinical setting and when interpreting literature throughout my medical career."

- George Shaw

George conducted a systematic review to consider whether mobile device applications are effective at supporting chronic obstructive pulmonary disease self-management compared to usual care.

Congratulations to the Highly commended entries

Jessica Larwood, Jana Bourhill, Stephanie Soyombo, Rory Tinker, Matthew Laughton, Simran Parmar, Aaron Henry, Jacqualyn Walsh-House, Alisha Bhanot, Carol Chan and Laura Heekin.

George Lewith was Professor of Primary Care at the University of Southampton, and SPCR training lead. George made remarkable contributions to academic primary care and in particular to research in the area of complementary medicine, as a training lead, mentor and supervisor. 



Keele University's Jacqualyn Walsh-House received highly commended in the 2019 competition. The news piece can be found here:

The 2018 winner, Zuzanna Bien from the University of Oxford's Medical School, wrote a blog about her attendance at SAPC ASM: 

George Lewith prize funds place at SAPC ASM 2018 

Zuzanna's application: Living with COPD: understanding patients' experiences as first step to holistic care