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The SAPC and RCGP are championing and cultivating the intellectual expertise at the heart of the profession of General Practice by developing a programme aimed to support general practitioners.

From the SAPC website:

This work aims to promote a reimagining of GP careers in order to support the revitalisation of a profession and a model of practice.

SAPC, working in partnership with the RCGP, is leading work to raise the profile of, capacity for, and impact of clinical scholarship across the General Practice and Primary Care community.

Because EXCELLENT General Practice needs not only gold standard evidence, but also  GOLD STANDARD WISDOM so as to deliver the highest standards of person-centred healthcare.

Three things you need to know about the GP Scholarship programme

  • OUR GOAL: to contribute to work to revitalise – perhaps to reimagine -  the profession and practice of General Practice. With a focus on the intellectual task - the pragmatic wisdom - of General Practice

  • WHAT WE'RE DOING: producing a set of resources to champion & cultivate GP Scholarship. Which includes: a Shining a Light resource pack (helping us all to champion scholarship), the Skills Academy (helping us all to cultivate the skills of scholarship), and support for Collective Wisdom (mentoring of individuals and building Communities of Action)

  • HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED: by contacting Joanne Reeve, GP Scholarship lead. You can also follow us on Twitter for regular updates.

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