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A publication presenting five examples of how Senior Investigators involve patients and the public in their work has been released by NIHR INVOLVE.

Professors Elaine Hay and Sue Ziebland (NIHR SPCR) are amongst the five featured in Senior Investigators Leaders for patient and public involvement in research.

Launched to mark International Clinical Trials Day, the publication has a foreword from Professor Dame Sally C. Davies FRS FMedSci, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Adviser, Department of Health and an introduction from Simon Denegri, Chair of INVOLVE and NIHR National Director for Public Participation and Engagement in Research.The INVOLVE document coincides with the launch of NIHR’s Eighth Competition in May 2014 to:

  •  provide Senior Investigator competition applicants with clear examples of patient and public involvement practice at the level of Senior Investigator; 
  • encourage all NIHR Faculty members to integrate patient and public involvement into their own research career development; and 
  • give patients and the public an insight into the ways Senior Investigators involve people in their work.

Elaine Hay is SPCR Board Member and Professor of Community Rheumatology in the Primary Care Health Sciences Department at Keele University.

Sue Ziebland is SPCR Principal Investigator and Professor of Medical Sociology at University of Oxford's Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. 

Strong leadership has been crucial to promoting this culture change. NIHR is immensely fortunate in having a cadre of senior researchers who have led the development of public involvement over the years and now champion its value from first-hand experience. This publication gathers together the reflections of five of these leaders who are NIHR Senior Investigators.

- Simon Denegri, Chair, INVOLVE