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On 1 April, the NIHR opened it's new Centre for Engagement and Dissemination to make research representative, relevant and ready for use.

The Centre brings together activities in patient and public involvement, engagement and participation with research dissemination. The aim is to further enhance the strong collaborative culture already established in involvement, engagement across the NIHR.

The new Centre will focus on four key areas:

  1. Learning and capacity development for PPI contributors, public contribution leads, researchers and evidence users
  2. Building and stimulating an evidence user community
  3. Producing and sharing accesible and audience-targeted evidence resources across a broad stakeholder community
  4. Running a series of innovation projects to harness the best engagement and dissemination ideas from the community

The Centre website:


The Centre Director is the new Director for Public Voice, Jeremy Taylor OBE. He is a former researcher, civil servant and charity leader. He was Chief Executive of the charity coalition 'National Voices' from 2009 to 2019, where he championed the vital contribution of patients and the public to decisions in health.