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Winning the Nursing research award was a great honour, as was the privilege to present in a room packed full of interested and engaged clinicians.”
- Ben Bowers

Ben Bowers, SPCR doctoral student at the University of Cambridge, is one of three members of the Cambridge Palliative and End of Life Care Group to have won prizes at the APM Annual Supportive & Palliative Care Conference 2019. Ben is researching anticipatory prescribing for his PhD. He won the Nursing award at the event, and presented his qualitative research investigating GP decisions about prescribing anticipatory medicines at the end of life.

The study has found that GPs view anticipatory medicines as key to symptom management for dying people. The drugs are routinely prescribed weeks ahead of need even though they are often not used. The study indicates that GPs need regular access to nurses – and trust in their skills to administer drugs appropriately – in order to feel comfortable delegating care. The work highlights that patient and family experiences of anticipatory medicines need investigation, as do their preferences for involvement in decision-making.

Ben Bowers joined the SPCR (based in Primary Care Unit, University of Cambridge) in September 2018. He spent 13 years as a Community Nurse, with a specialist interest in palliative care. We spoke to Ben about how his CLAHRC funded results formed the basis of his School application and how he hopes to inform clinical practice.

Learn more about the Cambridge Palliative and End of Life Care Group’s research on communication and decision making.

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