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Patient and public involvement (PPI) in medical education continues on a strong path at UCL despite the challenges of COVID-19. 

The Primary Care Medical Education Expert by Experience Group (PCERG), based in UCL’s department of Primary Care and Population Health, are interested in how primary care and general practice knowledge is practised and learnt. The group has teamed up with the School of Pharmacy's MPharm Expert by Experience Group and are planning their first joint meeting in early 2021.

The overarching aims of the PCPH group is to strengthen co-production in primary healthcare education, and to ensure students are learning about aspects of primary healthcare important to patients and their carers. 

UCL also has representation at the SPCR PPI in Medical Education Group, and nationally, at the collaborative Medical Schools Council (MSC) group hosted by the Doubleday Centre for Patient Experience at Manchester Medical School.

"We continually review the impact of Covid-19 on involvement in medical teaching at UCL and nationally, and a Best Evidence in Medical Education (BEME) review of the use of technology to support PPI in medical education is currently underway, led by Dr Sadie Lawes-Wickwar and funded by an SPCR Seedcorn grant." Sophie Park.