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Congratulation to Dr Nicola Small, SPCR Launching Fellow at University of Manchester, who won the Champion for Involvement Prize at SAPC North for her poster presentation on establishing new methods to utilize patient reported outcome feedback for older people affected by multiple long-term conditions. She presented her poster with public partners.


Certainly a worthy Best Champion winner! - SAPC North 2020 Panel

The SAPC brief for the competition was to engage an audience and to 'hook' them in to want to find out more about the project. The panel felt Dr Small's poster, pitch and discussion did just that - including her active involvement of public partners in her presentation.

As part of her fellowship, Dr Nicola Small will conduct two pieces of research to inform the early development of feedback of patient reported empowerment in older people with multiple health conditions in primary care. This includes both a scoping review and co-design workshop with public partners to present the results of the review and to explore the use of digital methods in PROMS measurement and feedback.


Poster which Nicola Small presented at the SAPC North