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Dr Faraz Mughal has been awarded a prestigious NIHR Doctoral Fellowship to develop and test a general practitioner (GP) delivered intervention to reduce self-harm in young people­ - The COPING study: A CO-produced Psychosocial INtervention delivered by GPs for young people who self-harm.


I am extremely grateful for the support I have received from the NIHR School for Primary Care Research (SPCR) which has allowed me to further progress my research. Self-harm in young people is a growing concern, even more so now within a Covid context, and the COPING study presents an opportunity to reduce self-harm in young people through general practice”.
- Dr Faraz Mughal

Dr Mughal will be supported by Professors Carolyn Chew-Graham, Lisa Dikomitis, and Gillian Lancaster. He will be working closely with Professor Ellen Townsend, who leads the Self-Harm Research Group at the University of Nottingham, and the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre.

Dr Mughal, a GP in Birmingham, has been an NIHR In-Practice Fellow and is currently a SPCR GP Career Progression Fellow at Keele University's School of Medicine where he is working to improve care young people receive for mental health and self-harm in primary care. He is a member of the current NICE self-harm clinical guideline development committee.  

He published a recent systematic review which identified barriers and facilitators which impact on GP management for patients who self-harm: Role of the GP in the management of patients with self-harm behaviour: a systematic review. Faraz Mughal, M Isabela Troya, Lisa Dikomitis, Carolyn A Chew-Graham, Nadia Corp and Opeyemi O Babatunde.

News: Study highlights the importance of supporting patients who show signs of self-harm

Keele University press release

Dr Mughal was awarded an SPCR Evidence Synthesis Working Group Training Award in 2018 where he trained in complex reviews in Oxford and wrote a blog for SPCR: Addressing the complexity of modern medicine through complex reviews. He was due to attend this year's online SAPC ASM in July (now 2021) to present his SPCR supported work: The experiences and perspectives of young people who self-harm in general practice: a qualitative study. Read more

He was also involved in World Mental Health Day in 2017 where he and researchers at the Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences at Keele University marked the day by conducting an internal showcase of research being conducted on self-harm and suicide in primary care populations. Read more.