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This is the first study to review the global literature on GPs and self-harm, and bring it all together, to outline the role a GP could play in helping people who self-harm. This provides the foundation for important further research to understand and test how GPs can better support people who self-harm. We know it is increasingly common for people to see their GP for self-harm. I aim to study how GPs can improve their provision of self-harm care, and how they can help people struggling with self-harm."
- Dr Faraz Mughal

Dr Faraz Mughal, GP Career Progression Fellow at Keele University, has been researching the role of GPs in the  management and support of people who self-harm. His research suggests there is an urgent need for holistic training for GPs to improve the treatment and support of patients. 

The systematic review analysed 12 studies published between 1997 and 2016, on GPs and family medicine physicians from Europe, America and Australia. The study identified barriers and facilitators which impacted GP management of patients who self-harm. The results highlight limitations to the provision of good care which include the limited consultation time in general practice and the lack of self-harm services. It recommends the development of self-harm clinical guidelines with people who self-harm to improve effective care.

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Role of the GP in the management of patients with self-harm behaviour: a systematic reviewFaraz MughalM Isabela TroyaLisa DikomitisCarolyn A Chew-GrahamNadia Corp and Opeyemi O Babatunde