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As part of an SPCR Launching Fellowship, Laura Swaithes is focussing on optimising the implementation of research evidence in primary care practice. Working at the Impact Accelerator Unit (IAU) at Keele University, her fellowship will explore knowledge mobilisation strategies and work with Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) stakeholders to better understand how primary care musculoskeletal services can implement best evidence.

The IAU has a leading role in closing the evidence-to-practice gap, by accelerating both the uptake and impact of research evidence. The IAU aims to maximise the benefits of world-leading health and care research, making an impact on the quality of life and care for patients and the public, with a strong emphasis on primary care. Knowledge mobilisation principles, engagement with stakeholders, and PPIE enable the implementation of research and underpin the work conducted by the IAU.

The IAU has an extensive track record in PPIE, in research and implementation, both nationally and internationally. The LINK group (Lay Involvement in Knowledge Mobilisation) is the unit’s dedicated PPIE group for implementation work. Members of the LINK have professional, personal and volunteering networks and experiences in the NHS, charity and volunteering sectors. Their skills and local, national and international connections help to pro-actively support the IAU to disseminate evidence-based information and treatments, make connections with colleagues and improve healthcare in the NHS.

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