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Directors and researchers from the three NIHR Schools (Primary Care, Social Care, and Public Health) have been discussing innovative ways to collaborate on future research.

They met in London on 15 December to see whether, considering the inevitable synergies, an exciting new step can be taken to work together over the broader primary care, public health and social care landscape to improve the way we address key NIHR priorities. The following themes were discussed:

Theme 1: Multiple needs

Theme 2: Community and individual capability

Theme 3: Diversity, equity, access and wellbeing

By working together, research has the potential to provide and consolidate evidence and implications across a number of platforms - to inform policy and implementation in GP practices, care homes and care in homes, for example. 

Research themes in the past have shown their aptitude to respond to the emerging healthcare needs of the nation and consequently the research priorities of the NIHR. Parallels between the research funded directly through Schools and those funded through the NIHR’s themed calls illustrate this connection. The NIHR’s call this year is ‘Older people with complex health needs’, building on the 2015 call ‘Multi-morbidities’. In 2016 the NIHR call was for research on the ‘Prevention and treatment of obesity’, ‘Long-term conditions in children and young people’ in 2014 and ‘Antimicrobial resistance’ in 2013.