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Rosa Lau, who began her SPCR studentship last October, attended talks and presented a poster at the Winter School on Ubiquitous Computing in Puebla from 6-17 January 2014.

The two week Winter School was hosted by Instituto Nacional de Astrofisca, Óptica y Electrónica (INAOE), funded by the Ubi-Health project. It comprised a series of lectures given by international speakers and panel discussions on a range of topics such as Human-Computer Interaction in health, sensors and robots, behaviour imaging, and pervasive healthcare for psychiatric diseases. 

Rosa said the experience had taught her a great deal about the technical aspects of Ubi-computing to the role/potential of technology in health care, which she is confident will help inform her research within the E-Health Unit at UCL. "I presented a poster about a systematic review on barriers and facilitators to implementation of technology in primary care. I also took part in a student group project with three other participants. Our project was called 'Gaming to improve social skills in children with high functioning autism'. The aim of the project was to develop a mobile application to provide a structured and supportive environment to encourage social interactions through fun activities. The application also enabled automated data collection/analysis, so progress can be monitored by parents, researchers, teachers, and health care professionals."  commented Rosa.

Rosa is located at the e-Health Unit, Research Department of Primary Care and
Population Health, UCL. Her homepage can be found here.