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Embrace this opportunity to take part in healthcare research, especially qualitative research (this aspect of healthcare research is not covered as much in the medical curriculum). Learning about the subject and general reading around qualitative research methods.
- Juhi Rastogi

Congratulations to Juhi Rastogi (winner) and Josie Elliot (runner up) of this year’s #SAPCSE2020 poster awards. Josie and Juhi undertook SPCR funded internships at UCL in 2019 to learn more about primary care research with hands-on experience. They have access to a team of specialised mentors and supervisors, including the expert skills of Dr Sophie Park (pictured centre).

Juhi undertook to review healthcare research with reflective questions for researchers: Patient and Public involvement (PPI) in Realist Reviews.

Josie conducted a scoping review: Generalism: Core concepts to inform clinical training

Prize winners from the University of Cambridge included SPCR members:

Novice presenter winner

Rebecca Dennison: ‘The incidence of type 2 diabetes after gestational diabetes: A systematic review and metaanalysis in over 280,000 affected women’.

Presentation runners-up

Duncan Edwards: ‘Characteristics, service use and mortality of clusters of multimorbid patients in England: a population-based study’.

Gwilym Thomas: ‘Why don’t eligible patients take part in a study of screening for atrial fibrillaton?’


Read more about the prize winners from the organisers of the conference at the Primary Care Unit, University of Cambridge