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WISE GP's three new interns - Dr Emily Lyness (Southampton), Dr Annabelle Machin (Keele), and Dr Johanna Reilly (Edinburgh) started work this month, and were welcomed by SAPC.

The internships are sponsored by the NIHR School for Primary Care Research

WISE GP is a joint initiative between SAPC and RCGP to champion professional scholarship at the heart of modern General Practice. Our initial scoping work led to the launch of the WISE GP website  in July 2020. The website includes a range of resources supporting clinical scholarship, including: a list of training courses and resources, the GEMS library of current primary care research, an Experts list to support your work, a full list of SAPC departmental Ambassadors (links to individual departments), and inspiring stories of scholarship  from individuals and groups.

With the arrival of the new WISE interns, SAPC is entering phase two of the WISE project. The interns will help SAPC add to the resources already available, and ensure that as many people as possible across the primary care community know about WISE GP

There is a growing team of people working on the WISE GP initiative

  • Dr Emily Lyness (Southampton) our early career lead
  • Dr Johanna Reilly(Edinburgh) our education lead
  • Dr Annabelle Machin (Keele)  our research lead.
  • Mark Orriss (web designer)
  • Joanne Reeve (WISE GP Lead)

Find out more about the internship programme: